Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Home and More or Less Awake
There is still one suitcase sitting at the bottom of the stairs, however, as it is too heavy for me to carry up - I've already brought one up, after half emptying it and carrying the contents upstairs. I had a lot of luggage, since I did not know what the weather would be like in Tasmania, and I bought things there, and I took stuff from Tallinn because of only having about eighteen hours at home between trips.

I've just about recovered from various events along the way - the scissors, of course, but also the man who checked me in in Hobart. He was weird, he looked at my luggage, grabbed my passport and announced that this would cost a lot to send to New Zealand. I pointed out that I was not going to New Zealand, but to Paris, upon which he announced that this would cost $50 per kilo and who was going to pay for that? He finally managed to understand that first I was going to Melbourne and was perfectly happy to pay excess that far, after which I would put myself at the mercy of Thai Airways. So I paid $200 for the luggage to get to Melbourne, on a virtually empty plane, mind you, and nothing at all to get it from Melbourne to Paris. What really did not impress me was his assumption I was going to New Zealand and the "who is going to pay for that?" Maybe he was ratty because it was so early in the morning, check-in people are usually nice - and I am always nice to them, because I know they have to deal with some people who are horrid to them.

Melbourne to Bangkok was quite a turbulent flight, which I hate, and there were a few little shrieks, but I consoled myself with watching "The Young Victoria" (really good movie) and "Did You Hear About the Morgans?", which was so funny. Also bought a beautiful Links of London silver bracelet with a red heart dangling from it. At Bangkok, we had to go downstairs, outside and get on a bus, which drove us miles around the airport before arriving at the terminal - and there was still about a kilometer to walk before getting to the gate for Copenhagen.

Bangkok to Copenhagen seemed very long, and there weren't any movies I wanted to watch really. Everyone else seemed to be watching "Avatar", but that's not my sort of thing. I did get some sleep, and I had a lovely breakfast of spinach and cheese pancakes. One thing I really like about SAS long flights is that they have a snack bar, where you can go in the night and get a sandwich or fruit or a glass of wine or some juice or Coke. They also walk around very softly and offer those who are awake water or juice from a tray, so it's all very peaceful.

I was very happy to land in Copenhagen and go to the lounge and have a shower, second breakfast and a long nap in a lounger covered by a red blanket. They have a quiet room which was occupied only by me and someone else who was sleeping. My plane to Paris wasn't until 3pm, and I was still tired but this plane was empty as well, me and one other person in business. finally I got home about 6:30pm, managed to go and buy food and carry essential baggage upstairs. I went to bed at 8:30pm!

Yesterday I was going to do all sorts of things, but I only did what I had to, which was go to work and see the doctor there. We have to do this once every two years, but she also wanted to see me because of the business class thing. We had a long discussion about it, and she agrees with my doctor that medically it is not a good idea for me to do long haul flights sitting up in economy, but she has to talk to HR before filling out my "fiche". There are questions of setting precedents apparently. Then I had lunch and did a whole lot of expenses claims, goodness those take ages. By the way, the term "decoupage and collage" for these has now spread from France to Australia, the colleagues down there liked this expression!

Today I have brought one suitcase up - luckily the hall downstairs is not accessible from the street except by residents, and no-one has yet complained about suitcases sitting there for two days. They are labelled, and I guess people realise they are mine, and that I can't lift them upstairs for the moment. My poor little flat is crowded with suitcases at present, and I have to do some significant unpacking and rearranging, particularly of wardrobe space. I don't think I will be doing anything else today!
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