Saturday, May 01, 2010
On the Way Home
Today I am in Melbourne, but very tired as I came on the 6am flight from Hobart. I had a bad experience at the security at Hobart Airport, they took a pair of scissors from me - but I really didn't know that small ones weren't OK here. The whole thing is so inconsistent, because there were people with water bottles allowed through, which would not be in France. Sigh, I just smiled at the guy and said I hoped Charity needed embroidery scissors when he told me they would be donated to charity.

But when I got to Melbourne, there was a car waiting for me, because I had had the foresight to book one, and the nice driver collected my luggage from the carousel, so that I did not have to touch it at all until it was in my hotel room. And I lucked out on that, because the hotel was not full last night, so they gave me a room at once, and I could shower before going my merry way in Melbourne.

I went to Bustle and Bows in Surrey Hills, then Sunspun in Canterbury, then the Needlepoint (which used to be the other Bustle and Bows) - I did buy a few things, but I have to say I now prefer Des Fils et Une Aiguille (my LNS in Paris). Where I will hasten next Tuesday afternoon after I have done my duty in the office. I will be on a mission to buy as many CHS charts as possible - I heard the sad news that Kathy Barrick is giving up designing. I have so many CHS charts, but there are still some that really I would love to get, many of the earlier ones from before I started to notice them.

Now I have to try and get a good night's sleep before going to the airport tomorrow and catching my plane to Bangkok, Copenhagen and Paris - I'll get home about 6pm on Monday, all being well. Then it's off to the office on Tuesday, I have to see the "work doctor", the occupational health specialist, as we all so once every two years. I'm just hoping I can still walk by then...
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