Saturday, May 08, 2010
This is what I am working on at present - the LHN scissor bed from this year's Nashville Market. I'm using an unidentified linen I had around, and it is lighter than that used for the model, so I'm replacing the Tufted Yellow with Gold Leaf, and it seems to work - you can't see that in the photo, because the photo was yesterday, and I've done a bit more today.

I've also been excavating in the wardrobe and have two bags of clothes for the next charity collection. A few date from when I lived in Australia, so it's high time they went. Apart from that, I have not being doing much, apart from stitching, watching the news and buying books for my Kindle. That volcano is going to cause trouble again - I'm half hoping that it will delay my going anywhere in the next week or so, I'd like to get a bit more done here. Although it is back to work, remotely, on Monday.
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