Saturday, May 29, 2010
Weekend In Hobart
I was going to say I think Hobart is the quietest place I have ever had to stay for work, but quiet is not really the right word - in fact, there is a lot of noise, but not much going on. I walked around the shops this morning, and there were very few people about - even down at the seafront there seemed to be fewer tourists than usual. Although the hotel is very busy, I don't know what all the occupants are doing, there seem to be conferences and so on.

This morning I went for breakfast to a cafe just along from the hotel, and managed to get sworn at by the woman behind the counter! I am not joking.......... when I gave my order, which included black coffee, she said "... and a flat white...", so I said, "no, I asked for a black coffee", and the reply to this was "Jesus, keep your hair on"!!!! Think she must have been having a bad morning or something, because my manner is pretty mild, but I don't think I'll be going back there again.

On a much more pleasant note, I went today to book a facial for tomorrow, there is a place called the Savoy Baths that is open on Sundays for that sort of thing - that, at least, is something to do in this place. I just wish it did not get dark before 5pm every day, I've had one winter already this year!
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