Friday, May 14, 2010
I've been in the office all day, which is how long it has taken me to do one expenses claim, book a car to the airport on Monday, book a hotel at Melbourne Airport on Tuesday night, book a flight to Hobart on Wednesday morning and book a hotel in Hobart until the end of the month, plus put on hold flights to Perth (see brother and family) and Napier (see mother). Dizzy? Yes, so am I, and I am really glad I am not a travel agent.

I gave up on work's travel agent after their system showed me a Virgin flight from Melbourne to Hobart, went through the whole approval process, then told me it couldn't be ticketed. I called them and asked why not, please, and got told that they didn't have an agreement with that airline, but they could possibly rebook me via Qantas, and she would try, but if I didn't get an email within about three hours, it wouldn't have worked and I should call again. By the time three hours had passed, I hadn't had an email and couldn't face calling again, so I just cancelled it online, and used a few of my very old Qantas points to buy a ticket from Melbourne to Hobart on Wednesday morning.

Part of the reason I couldn't face it was that it took me hours to get a hotel in Hobart, the one where I stayed before was full, and in fact practically everything seems to be next week. I've been chatting on Skype to David, who said hopefully that there must be a conference of bogans (he is entranced by Australian slang), and could he join it? I've told him that it's impossible for an ex-public schoolboy who moonlights as a cantor to become a bogan, especially at the age of 62, and I think he is sulking now. Anyway, I did manage to get a hotel for four nights, then another one after that, from the weekend, so I shall not be roofless.

I've now nearly finished everything, so I can go home and think about what I'm going to pack and what needs to be washed and so on. Packing for two and a half months in 30 kilos is going to be a real pain, as far as I can see. It's one of the reasons why I like to come home periodically, so I can change my clothes and handbags and so on, quite apart from the fact that it is my home and I miss it. For this trip I have to consider that I am seeing relatives as well - I really can't avoid it this time, but it's really funny that my sister will be on her winter holiday in Vanuatu the week I am in New Zealand! Apart from this obligatory visiting, I have weekend trips to Melbourne and Sydney to think about, and maybe meeting some online friends in person.
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  • At 12:35 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Just tell David that to be a bogan he has to drive a Holden ute or a Ford Falcon, while playng AC/DC very loudly.
    How long are you at AKL airport on the way to Napier?