Friday, July 09, 2010
Three Weeks Left in Tasmania
I am really counting the days now..... I'm so homesick, and I get intermittently quite depressed by the darkness. It gets dark about 4:30 pm here, and it always takes me by surprise when I am working. I go to lunch, come back, work, then look up after a while, then it's dark. I walk home in the dark and walk to work mostly in the dark, as well, so that is a tad depressing.

This week we had another new arrival, a guy who was in Estonia with me for a while, which is nice, because he's someone I associate with home. The people I work with here are very nice, actually, I can't complain about that at all. No Special Snowflakes at all! Most of our team went out for dinner to a fish restaurant (lots of those in Hobart, and some very good) on Tuesday night as a welcome to the new guy.

This morning was very cold - by Australian standards, not by Northern European! My knees were creaking as I walked up the hill to work, so the wind is clearly coming from the wrong direction. I'm hoping it will at least stay fine over the weekend, as there is a craft fair on at an exhibition centre not far from Hobart, and I have tickets. There is allegedly a bus that goes there, I'm trying to work out now how to catch it.... I'll report on the experience some time over the weekend.
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