Monday, October 25, 2010
Apeldoorn Again
So here I am in the Netherlands again... finally I got the work permit, so yesterday I travelled on the Thalys to Schiphol and from there on the regular train to Apeldoorn. Not actually the regular train that I was supposed to, as the Thalys was late and I missed that! But at least the trains are every half an hour, so I could just catch the next one.

I'm staying at a different hotel this time, and this one is nicer, slightly further from the office, but off the main road, so I can sleep much better, and the bathroom is great - it has a separate walk-in shower, instead of having to climb in and out of the bath to have a shower. The food in the restaurant is also a lot better, it seems, not so much "chips with everything" as in the other hotel. Last night I had a salad with mushrooms and bacon, it was really rather nice.

There is also a swimming pool which I shall investigate after work. I'm going to have to entertain myself here, since all the other people have apartments or don't even live in this town and travel a long way every day - so no-one to have dinner with. I will also be staying the weekend, but I have plans to go to the next town on Saturday, since there seems to be a good shop there which has both knitting and embroidery things. And of course I must visit the Palace of Het Loo, since it is right next door.
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  • At 1:12 pm, Blogger Annemarie

    Hey Ally! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'd completely lost track of you, and now you turn out to be living (sort of) in The Netherlands!
    I hope everything settles down for you soon!