Monday, October 04, 2010
Still At Home
This is the start of my third week of working at home, and it is not something I want to do much longer. I must be totally abnormal, because it seems that all of my colleagues would like nothing better than to work from home for ever - in Tallin, they were complaining that they only worked from home one week out of three, and in the Netherlands they are complaninig even more, because we can only go home two weekends a month and never work from home, except in special cases, as mine is at present.

But I miss sitting in an office and having people around me, it is not at all the same at home - no cantine for lunch, no bus to be a separation between work and home. And my place is small too, so there are no corridors to walk up and down while I am thinking about some problem. It's also hard because there's no-one ot discuss problems with, I have to try and get all information by email, so some people must be thinking I am a terrible pest by now!

I do hope I will hear this week when I can go back to the real world!
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  • At 10:41 pm, Blogger KK

    I like to have an option to stay home and work from here if really needed. But for me it usually happens that I work even longer than I do in the office which is unnormal. If there is a tradition in Tallinn to finish around 5, I never manage to close my laptop at 5 when I´m working from home. So wierd, isnt´t it?