Sunday, October 17, 2010
Some New Finishes
Firstly, I have assembled the little needlebook from LHN that I stitched some time ago - here it is, with needles and scissors:
I now have to assemble the matching stitcher's pocket, which I hope to do next weekend - I think I will use this set for my travelling stitching.

And here is the scarf I knitted in New Zealand, I have just sewed in the ends:
It's a very simple pattern, with ridges of garter stitch among the stocking stitch, and it took one ball of Noro Kureyon sock yarn.
And finally, a little bag from a new Louisa Harding booklet:
This only took a week and a bit to knit, then yesterday I assembled it - there is a felt lining in there to give it some body. I like the Louisa Harding bags, each of her books has at least one, and I quite often make them, although I don't use them really, just treat them as decorative objects.
I'm still at home and totally frustrated by it, particularly since the weather has packed up big time. Last Sunday I spent half the afternoon sitting in the garden at Les Invalides knitting, since it was so warm, about 25 degrees. I wouldn't dream of doing this today, as it's possibly 12 degrees and very nippy out there. Tomorrow it is going to be very cold, and I have to go to the office, unfortunately, as I am being harassed by accountants, who want me to send them all sorts of things, including my Australian visa number. I've only told them about fifty times that I don't have one, because I don't need a visa, but that seems to be too hard for them to grasp.
Now I'm off to look for something else to do in the rest of Sunday, preferably from beneath my duvet, which is the warmest place around here!

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