Tuesday, November 02, 2010
Apeldoorn Landscape
In Apeldoorn, one thing there is no shortage of is trees:

The ones above are outside my hotel roon, here is the hotel with lovely autumn leaves on the trees around it:
And for something completely different, here are the angry grass reindeer at the CODA museum in Apeldoorn:
I suppose they are angry because they have to stay outside in the rain, but it does give them such lovely green coats, doesn't it?
Another week at work, but it will be interrupted by a visit to the Hague on Thursday, as I have to do bureaucratic things, in the company of our lawyer. I have to catch a train from Apeldoorn at 7:30 am, so guess who is not going to work that day? It means leaving the hotel before breakfast, and definitely in the dark, so I am pretty sure I will be sitting on the train doing my embroidery, NOT work. And I am pretty sure I will be doing some shopping in the afternoon, NOT rushing back to work.

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