Monday, January 03, 2011
Part of a Rabbit
This is yesterday's stitching, part of the front of the pinkeep from the Rabbit Garden Sewing set:

It has now gone into the case to take to Apeldoorn - for which I now have a ticket next Sunday. At least I have a ticket for Schiphol, because the SNCF is going through one of their periods of not letting me book for Apeldoorn, so I have to get a second ticket when I arrive at Schiphol. It would actually be quicker to go via Rotterdam, but I am avoiding that station (scene of my nearly freezing to death before Christmas in any case), mostly because to buy another ticket there involves carrying one's luggage up and down steps and standing in a long queue, it is hell.

The travel thing was why I was hesitating about doing this challenge - and why some of my pieces will be quite small. At least I do not have to take all of them backwards and forwards all the time, in fact, most of them will stay in Apeldoorn once there. And I will get a chance to do some on the train - since we are no longer allowed to book our travel time as work time, I don't feel compelled to work on the train and instead I do things like stitch and drink wine!

Today's new start is this one:

I've had it for quite some time, with all its Crescent Colours threads, and I have just found a nice piece of unidentified brand vintage linen (could be R&R, I am not sure at all) that is exactly right for this. I am not buying very much for this challenge at all, so far nothing, and I think over the whole fifteen days, probably one piece of linen banding and a few missing threads. So it's great to get to use some things I already have, and to spend this week at home looking through my stash.

I did have to go to the office today, to get my new computer working, as I only want to take one laptop to Apeldoorn with me - travelling there with two would be just too much! Hopefully I will get everything transferred to it by the end of the week.
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  • At 8:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous

    That LHN designs is fabulous, can't wait to see your progress!

  • At 10:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous

    It is really hard to choose projects when you've got limited packing space! Look forward to seeing your LHN start, this is one of my favourite ones that I still haven't stitched (really must remedy that soon!) - your wee rabbit is coming along well :D Good luck with the laptop (I don't envy you that one - I still haven't finished copying over files to my new one yet, 2 months later! haha)