Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Holiday Snaps
I went from this, the view from my office window in Apeldoorn:

to this, the view from my sunlounger in Cyprus:The change was much needed, I can tell you, after a year of almost continuous winter! In Cyprus, it has been 25 degrees each day, they are having a very warm winter, in contrast to the rest of Europe.

I was very lucky with my flight, since I flew on Wednesday, the one day last week when there were no airport closures or delays. I had worried that the flight would be full of people who had been delayed, but it wasn't, and there were no queues anywhere at the airport. There was even a taxi waiting for me at Larnaca, as promised, and I arrived in Limassol exactly when I expected.

This hotel, the Four Seasons, is I think the best one I have stayed at in Cyprus. All the bathrooms have a large jacuzzi bath, and the toiletries are by Etro. There are three excellent restaurants, apart from the buffet one where they serve breakfast - one is Italian, one Asian and one is Mavrommatis, the famous Greek restaurant in Paris, who have this one here as well. I had my Christmas Eve dinner in there, as well as dinner on two other nights, and I just love it.

During the day, I have been swimming in the indoor pool, as that is heated, but then going out to the sunloungers and lying there, to get some vitamin D, which has been sadly lacking for the past months. There have not been too many people around for the past week, although there seems to have been an influx today of the British, I suppose it means their airports are open again. Most of the people here seem to have been Greek, in fact, and I had boxing day buffer lunch with what was obviously the creme de la creme of the Limassol rich, judging by the handbags and jewellery. I just made sure my new Lancel Mademoiselle Adjani bag was also on display!

I have also had a course of facials, also sorely needed, as I was looking about a hundred years old, with the lack of light and the horrible harsh weather. Now I look and feel brighter, and I have some good protective creams and serums to counteract the cold in the Netherlands.

Tomorrow is the return home, and I am almost wishing for a snow storm in Paris, so that I could be delayed here for a few days, but I do also have a lot to do in Paris, as I've been home so rarely this year. Not anything special for New Year, since I'm by myself as usual, but a lot of practical things. I started making my list for the 15 new starts challenge, but did not get very far, so that is very high on the list of things to do. I found a shop in the Netherlands (the one in Velp) that stocks Needlepoint Silks, so I may put a few things that need those on my list.

Now I am off to swim again...... I hope everyone else has been having as good a holiday, I think we all deserve it!

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