Monday, November 08, 2010
A Quick Weekend in Paris
I went home for a very short weekend - arriving at 10:30pm on Friday night, and then leaving home again at 10:30am on Sunday morning. And it rained all day Saturday, not light, normal Paris rain, but heavy, constant Apeldoorn rain, I must have brought it with me!

Saturday was spent collecting parcels from the Post Office, going to the hairdresser and doing necessary shopping, all in this rain, and I was exhausted by the time I made it home, so early to bed. I slept for ten hours, which is highly unusual for me, then had to get up in order to pack and catch the train...... at least this time the Thalys was not late, so I got to Apeldoorn on time yesterday and was at the hotel just after 5:30pm.

The hotel is quite funny in some ways. Last time I arrived on a Sunday evening and wanted something to eat, there was consternation because I hadn't booked a table before arriving and they were always very busy on Sunday nights. So this time I booked a table - and found myself in a deserted restaurant served by a waiter who looked as though he would much rather be somewhere else, so much for the busy Sunday nights. Then at breakfast this morning, there was a party of about ten Russians, and I am wondering what on earth they are doing in Apeldoorn. Some of them were clearly husbands and wives, but I couldn't tell if it was a business trip with some spouses, or a sightseeing tour, or what. Apeldoorn just seems the strangest place to see such people.

The hotel does seem to be quite popular for conferences for Dutch businesses, or for weekend stays for people who want to see scenery, and also with local groups who have meetings there, I guess groups like Rotary or social groups. Last week I was absolutely electrified by a large group of men in the bar, who must have been the local gamekeepers' association, by the way they were dressed. I haven't seen Harris tweed plus fours with long green socks off the stage for about thirty years, and was hard put to it not to burst into laughter!

This week will be much the same as last week, I guess, and then I have another weekend in Apeldoorn. Think I may take a trip to Amsterdam, but I've got another five days to decide that.
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