Thursday, January 06, 2011
Day 5 - Sail Away
I did do more than this last night, but I took this photo near the beginning:

Those silks were a pain to sort out, all the colours are so close, and I hope I have it right. Working in one strand of silk is something I have not done for some time, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy this. I am working this one on a frame, given that it is silk and there are some special stitches.

Today's new start is this one, Mademoiselle Paris from C Mon Monde:

Of course this had to be on the list, considering where I live! And this may not be the only time during this challenge that a certain local landmark (visible from my window) appears....

Tomorrow I'm off to the hairdresser, since I have to look respectable for work next week - sigh, I'll be on the train on Sunday afternoon again....... I hope the snow has melted in Apeldoorn, I haven't actually checked the weather there yet, as I didn't want to depress myself.

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  • At 10:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

    I bet there are no designs like that for Apeldoorn... LOL!! I love that through the Challenge I'm discovering so many new designs!!