Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Tuesday's New Start
"One cannot have t...." - this is as far as I got last night, and I'm looking forward to coming back to this one after the 15th of January:

Today I have just started this one, "Sail Away" from Shepherd's Bush:

It is a kit that I bought fairly recently, after not liking any of the SB designs for some time, although I did do a lot of them once. But this one said something to me, so here we are! The silks are quite beautiful, some Thread Gatherer and some Gloriana.
I've been looking at everyone's starts (and even one finish, I nearly fainted) every day, and have been really enjoying to see what people have selected. I'm glad I have this week at home to get everything sorted out for this challenge and do some each day - next week will be interesting, as I have to go to The Hague on Monday and Amsterdam on Thursday for work. The Amsterdam day will be quite long, what kind of lunatic schedules a meeting where half the people have to come from Apeldoorn and it starts at 10am - I think the train to Amsterdam may be crowded, since most of the population of the Netherlands travels the length and breadth of the country each day to get to work, or so it seems to me. We have people in the office who live in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Hengelo, all of which seems insane to me - lots of people live in Utrecht or Amersfoort, which seems more normal, but even so I think the Dutch are made of tougher stuff than I am, because I would find so much commuting very hard.

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  • At 8:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

    I'm with you on SB. This one is sweet indeed! As far as commuting... I work from home, I commute down the stairs... LOL!! Good luck with your travel prep.

  • At 11:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

    I remember when I first moved to Sydney I had a 1 1/2 hour commute each way to work - I hated it, although when on the train I got LOTS of reading done (too crowded to do anything else, as most of the travel coming home was standing up) ... don't know how people can choose to live so far from work, it's crazy to me too!! Can't wait to seeing the SB one stitched up, this is another of the few SB designs that I actually like too :D