Friday, January 07, 2011
Thursday's New Start
Last night I did well (thanks to a rather riveting episode of Julie Lescaut on tv) and finished a whole Parisian lamp post:

This one is on the 32 count Weddingen linen again, and with the DMC conversion of the recommended Vaupel and Heilenbeck threads.

Tonight I will start on another small one:

Lizzie Kate is another designer where only a few attract me, but I have to say that this one is perfect for me - I am not the queen of housework, especially since I spent six months last year living in hotels.
I am just off to the hairdresser and some shopping, I have to buy Nespresso capsules to take with me next week and a few other necessities. I am reminded of one of my French colleagues who spent six months in the Netherlands a few years ago, she is a very fussy person, always moaning about small things (although she is actually very nice and very clever as well), and she used to take all her own food with her! My mind still boggles at that... my problems with the Albert Hein are more to do with its opening hours and the drunks outside than the food inside.
It is raining heavily here, this is doubtless to get me into an Apeldoorn frame of mind.

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