Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Watch This Space Next Week!
This is my last week in the Netherlands, and the really great news is that after this, I have two weeks off! I am very tired - the common cold that has been going around the office does not help, but at least I am spared the "bulkgriep", which I think is a stomach flu from the email descriptions I am getting from those afflicted.

I rang my boss today and told him I was tired and would like to take some of my built up days, and he was fairly happy, because they haven't yet signed the contract for my next project. He said I should take all my leave, but I'm not doing that, I still want May holidays and summer holidays (I have about 40 days so far, and it is only increasing).

So this means I can do a few things next week, like finish some of my near-finishes. And get all my summer clothes out, because I will need them in Paris, and I have not worn them for a long time.

I'm also going to get a new sewing machine, which is justified, as I have not had such a thing for over thirty years. My old one still works, and I may sell it, as it is an Elnita which qualifies as vintage now. I've been handsewing anything that needs finishing, but I want to try making a quilt and do some other things that might bore me by hand.

And last weekend when I was in Paris, I succumbed to the yarn sale at Le Bon Marche and bought two lots of Rowan cotton for summer tops, found some good patterns on Ravelry. So I have a few things to do, to take my mind off the horrors of Apeldoorn. I feel mean saying that Apeldoorn is not so nice, but I haven't had a great time here, mostly for work reasons, and I will be happy to go home for a while.
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  • At 5:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous

    Two weeks off sounds like just what you need right now! Sorry to hear this assignment hasn't been the best to date, but fingers crossed the next one will be better :) Look forward to seeing what machine you buy, and what wonderful stitching will be growing under your needles :)