Tuesday, February 15, 2011
I'd Rather Be At Pemberley
This is the second finish for the Crazy January Challenge, it's been completed for a few days, but I only pressed it today, as I had the iron and board out for other things. It is prettier in person, I think, and I can hardly wait to find a good frame for it and make a choice of fabrics for the top and bottom strips.

Actually I would rather be at Pemberley, pretty much anywhere apart from Apeldoorn, in fact. It has poured fairly much all day, plus practically everyone I work with is mad, and those who are not mad are totally irritating. This is why I am sitting here at a time when I should be in bed - I can't sleep, so have had (decaffeinated) coffee and some toast, and I may go to bed soon. Or I may not. There is a plumber coming tomorrow at 8am, to do something with my sink, so I have to be awake and dressed for that. I am impressed that the plumber here speaks good English, a plumber in France would most likely not, and an English plumber would be most unlikely to speak Dutch. My Dutch is no use for this sort of thing, as all I can say is "Apeldoorn is a ghost town" and "this train will not depart", plus a few useful words like "assessment", "fine", "customer" and some other technical terms related to work. My attempts at pronouncing any of them give much amusement to those around me.

I haven't decided which of my Crazy January pieces will be the next one that I target to finish - I've done a bit of aimless stitching on various ones over the past few days, but now I need to decide what will be finish number three.... I might go and look at them now, since I can't sleep.
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