Sunday, January 16, 2011
The Complete List
This is the complete list of my fifteen new starts:

1) Marquoir de Blanche (Couleurs d'Etoile)
2) Rabbit Garden Sewing Set (Elizabeth Ann Talledo)
3) My Needles’ Work (LHN)
4) Jane Austen Party Reticule (The Sampler Girl)
5) Sail Away (Shepherds Bush)
6) Mademoiselle Paris (C Mon Monde)
7) Housework (Lizzie Kate)
8) Bird In Hand (Blackbird Designs)
9) Summer Basket (Blackbird Designs)
10) Necessities Sampler (LHN)
11) Pemberley (The Sampler Girl)
12) Bluebird (Blackbird Designs)
13) Small Token (Blackbird Designs)
14) Elephant and Bees Needlework Bolster (Old Colonial Designs)
15) Eiffel Quaker (Jardin Prive)

I need to work out how to do the percentage bars, then put them at the side, so I can keep up with the progress.

This weekend has been very quiet (well I am in Apeldoorn). Yesterday I took the train to Zutphen where there is a patchwork shop, and bought some pieces of fabric that I thought would be good for finishing the Pemberley piece, which calls for "Regency fabrics" to be added as borders before framing. I have not got a clue what Regency fabrics are, so just chose appropriately coloured old-fashioned looking ones! Also into my bag slipped a French General needlebook and a kit from Facile Cecile, just too tempting.

Today I have not even been out, I have been stitching on the "Bluebird", which is actually pink, and have got about half done so far. So it may be the first finish - I want to "finish-finish" as I go along too. Apeldoorn is very quiet on a Sunday, nothing at all is open, and the only noise is periodic bands of young people running around the streets screaming or letting off fire-crackers, which appears to be all they have to do. I've always thought that Paris is quiet on Sundays, but Apeldoorn gives new meaning to the concept.
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