Thursday, January 13, 2011
Involuntary Scenic Tour of the Netherlands
I've just stepped in the door after leaving the company's office right next to Amsterdam Zuid railway station at 5:30pm - yes, about five hours to get from there to Apeldoorn!

What happened was that I sat there and stitched happily as far as Amersfoort (the station before Apeldoorn), and then became aware that we had sat there a long time and then everyone was leaving the train. So out I get too, and find that there are not trains to Apeldoorn for the foreseeable future, because of some disturbance on the line. The advice was to go north to Zwolle, then south again to Deventer and then east to Apeldoorn i.e. three trains around in a kind of circle. So that's what took more than three hours.... I'm slightly worried about my Brazilian colleague who was on the same train, I lost him at Amersfoort in the crowd, and he understands no Dutch at all (sadly I am only too familar with the Dutch for "this train will not depart"), so I can only hope he found someone to help him. He has all our phone numbers anyway, so could have called me if he really had a problem.

So I have done quite a lot of today's new start - which is yet another Blackbird Designs pincushion, but a bigger, multi-coloured one - but no photo, as I am literally too exhausted to take a decent one. It remains to be seen whether I am in any shape to go to the office tomorrow or whether I have to stay home....
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  • At 9:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous

    Grrr, those trains!! Can't wait to see all that stitchy progress though.