Sunday, February 13, 2011
Crazy January Finish
This is the first finish - the "Bluebird" pincushion from Blackbird Designs, transformed into a Pink Bird, by means of Belle Soie "Rosebud" silk:

Here are the finishing materials for it, laid out so that you can see the colours and how they match:
I haven't yet decided how many buttons to use and where they should be, but it will have the Sajou lace around the edge. I got this at Le Bon Marche, they have a lot of Sajou things now. The backing fabric is just a scrap I got with a packet of different fabrics at Petra Prins in Zutphen, to be used for such eventualities as this.

I have also finished Pemberley, but have not ironed it yet, so it will get a post to itself. It's a miracle I did finish anything, because it has been a busy and rather depressing week. I did have a good weekend in Paris, and obviously I have a new camera battery, bought without fuss at the FNAC. I still can't get over that young man in Apeldoorn, who lectured me about losing the old one - maybe he was crossed in love, or something, and taking it out on the world?
The bad things started on the way back, when I injured my back practically falling out of a German train - these have very high steps, and I sort of slipped, not very seriously, but enough to give me some twinges all week. Quite a lot of the trains that go from Schiphol to Apeldoorn are German, they go on to Hannover or Berlin (which would be a good idea for a weekend trip), and normally I like them, but I have gone off them a bit now.
Then we have had a very trying week at work, our manager has had hell from her manager on the client side, not that she takes it out on us at all, but it is depressing, because the same man also comes into our room and gives us hell. I unfortunately have to deal with him, too, as I am the lead architect for a new release and have to give estimates for various pieces of work, which may or may not happen. The latest thing that happened was that he held an impromptu all hands meeting where he said he was making a list of who should stay and who should go, if the team had to be reduced. This does wonders for morale, of course.

I am also missing L'Aiguille En Fete in Paris, which is taking place this weekend, and I am rather sad about that. I will however probably go to a Handwerkbeurs, which is a similar type of event, in Zwolle, about 30 kilometers from Apeldoorn, in two weeks time.

And to cap it all off, the supermarket here is closed for renovation, so it has been very hard to buy food all week... it will not open again until Wednesday, and I hope it will be much improved. I did go yesterday to an outlying area, where there is another Albert Heijn, which was like heaven in comparison with the one in the centre, so I hope they have made it more like this one after the renovations. As a consequence of this excursion, I am making a stirfry of shrimps, with coconut and lemongrass sauce, so I suppose life is not all that bad!

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  • At 8:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous

    Pink Bird is beautiful, Ally. Those sweet flower buttons and lace are just perfect...