Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Another Crazy January Finish

And it is Mam'zelle Paris! Very appropriate for my first finish back in Paris. I am not sure what I shall do with this one, I can see it on a shopping bag, in fact, but we will see.

I hope to have another couple of small finishes in the next week or so, I have managed to do quite a bit. Also some knitting, but nothing that would be interesting to show at this stage.

The big news is that I have another wisdom tooth! I may have mentioned that I had toothache in Apeldoorn - anyway I went to the dentist last week, and he x-rayed my teeth and said this was a wisdom tooth that must come out. I am a bit annoyed, because in fact it is my sixth wisdom tooth (some people do get more than four) and I had thought after the fifth one that I was past all of that. No such luck, so I will be having it out in the first week of May. It can't be before, as it is Easter school holidays and La Famille Dentiste have plans.

I have had my two weeks off, and it looks like being extended, as there is no sign of these Paris projects yet, I am wondering if they are real - I've been very good and done lots of stuff at home, tidying and so on, also done my taxes, expenses, etc, and advised all sorts of people on all sorts of work questions. I've also been out walking nearly every day, and visited nearly every sewing machine shop in Paris - I've just about made a choice, but it will take a while to arrive, I found.

I did see my boss a couple of weeks ago, and I think he has gone mad, because he said to me that, if these French projects don't hurry up, I could always go to South Africa. Of course I screamed, which startled him a bit, but honestly this is the first I have ever heard of my going there. And to be honest, I am not keen, especially if it would be during their winter. Which I know is not like a Northern European winter, but it would be more short days and not really that warm at all. So we shall see what happens....
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