Thursday, May 12, 2011
Wisdom Tooth And Holidays
I finally had my last wisdom tooth out last Friday, and not before time, too - it was so painful for the preceding week that I was in the emergency room and had very large antibiotics and strong painkillers. The dentist there told me it was highly infected, and this really had to be fixed before it came out. Fortunately by Friday, it was much better, which was good, because it took nearly an hour to take it out. I think it was fairly exhausting for both the dentist and myself, but at least I could go home and rest afterwards.

I was clear of pain by Saturday morning, which was great, but I have to go back this week to have a crown replaced, as it came out while the wisdom tooth drama was going on (it was the tooth next to it). Then I am off to my office to do some administrative things, and then I am going home to pack for my trip to Spain!

Yes, Spain! I decided, basically on the spur of the moment, that I wanted to go somewhere with a swimming pool and someone else to do the cooking, and started looking up the cheap holidays on the internet. They get more expensive if there's only one of you, but I found a decent hotel about 35 kilometers from Barcelona, on the coast, and booked that. The nice thing about that is that I can go by train all the way - just get on at the Gare De Lyon, and at Girona, change to a local train and then another that stops 300 meters from the hotel. The latter train goes into Barcelona as well, so it's handy for a day trip.

No more pictures of finishes at present, although I do have three near-finishes - I have been spreading my efforts, rather lazily, though, as I haven't had any urgency about doing anything for the last few weeks. It's very odd to have so much time at home after not having any really for the past few years, and it will not be until June now that my new project starts.
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